Members Promotion LTPS/18/24385

Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion will run from Thursday 3RD May 2018 until Thursday 26th July 2018
  2. To be eligible to enter, individuals must be financial members of Cessnock Leagues Club.
  3. Members will earn tickets by swiping their membership card through the Members Rewards Kiosk each day
  4. Tickets must be kept by the member and placed in the ‘Magic Number’ promotional barrel that will only be out on draw nights.
  5. The host will randomly draw 1 ticket from the ‘Magic Number ’ promotional barrel at 8pm and 8.30pm last Thursday of the month during the promotional period (i.e. Thursday 31st May, Thursday 28th June and Thursday 26th July 2018)
  6. 1st drawn winner will automatically receive $250 cash. Then they are given the opportunity to guess the “Magic Number”.
  7. The “Magic Number” is a 4 digit number that has 2 digits missing. A correct number range will be displayed on the board within a 50 number range i.e. The magic number is between 1,400 and 1,450.
  8. Contestants are given 3 digits to pick from which they can choose which 2 digits to place in the missing digits of the magic number. The correct digits must be placed in the correct order in the blank spaces on the board. The host will then reveal if this is a correct guess.
  9. If the guess is correct, the members will receive the bonus prize of $2,000 cash. The 2nd draw of the night will take place ONLY to award a $250 cash winner, no guess of the “Magic Number” will be available.
  10. If the guess is incorrect, the incorrect guess is written on the board and the host is allowed to reveal if the magic number is higher or lower than the incorrect guess. Then another member is drawn from the “Magic Number” barrel, automatically winning $250 cash and given the opportunity to guess the “Magic Number”.
  11. If the 2nd draw of the night also guesses incorrectly, the $2,000 cash bonus prize will jackpot for the next month. I.E. the 2nd monthly draw jackpot prize will be $4,000 and if not won the 3rd monthly jackpot prize will be $6,000 cash.
  12. If by the 3rd monthly draw (Thursday 26th July) the jackpot is not won in the 8.30pm draw, the host will continue to draw winners until a correct guess is given. Each member drawn after the 8.30pm draw on the final night will ONLY have the opportunity to win the “Magic Number” jackpot and will not win $250 cash for being drawn out.
  13. Winners must be present within 4 minutes to claim their prize, if not present another ticket will be drawn until a winner is present.
  14. Over the course of the promotion there will be 6 x $250 cash winners, and $6,000 in bonus cash prize available to be won (that may be shared between 3 winners, 2 winners or 1 single winner)
  15. Members can only swipe their own Membership Card. Members found to be swiping the Membership Cards of other Members will be disqualified from this promotion.