Members Promotion LTPS/18/20984

Terms & Conditions


  1. The promotion will run from Thursday 1st February 2018 until Thursday 26th April 2018
  2. To be eligible to enter, individuals must be financial members of Cessnock Leagues Club.
  3. Members will earn tickets by swiping their membership card through the Members Rewards Kiosk at Cessnock Leagues Club each day
  4. Tickets must be kept by the member and placed in the ‘Year of the Dog’ promotional barrel that will only be out on draw nights.
  5. The host will randomly draw 1 ticket from the ‘Year of the Dog ’ promotional barrel at 7.30pm, 8pm and 8.30pm last Thursday of the month during the promotional period (i.e. Thursday 22nd February, Thursday 29th March and Thursday 26th April 2018)
  6. 1st drawn winner is given the chance to select 1 of 3 dog pictures, each with a nominated cash prize behind it. Two of the pictures have a $1,000 cash prize and 1 picture has a $1,500 cash prize behind it. 2nd drawn winner will only be able to select from the 2 remaining pictures and the 3rd drawn winner will be given the remaining prize
  7. Winners must be present within 4 minutes to claim their prize, if not present another ticket will be drawn until a winner is present.
  8. Each month there will be 2 x $1,000 cash winners and 1 x $1,500 cash winner. Total $10,500 cash awarded during the promotional period
  9. Members can only swipe their own Membership Card. Members found to be swiping the Membership Cards of other Members will be disqualified from this promotion.