Depending on the diagnostic purpose, users can select one of these versions. Under the system tab, scroll down until you find the recovery option. However, not everything about Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system is perfect. As the system is comparatively new, a few bugs might cause issues for some users. Browse other questions tagged windows-10 safe-mode ransomware or ask your own question.

  • Since the browser wars, we all know that a Microsoft browser is not an application but a part of the operating system.
  • Wait for the driver installation to complete.
  • Go to Boot Options, and uncheck the Safe boot checkmark.

For example, to split the terminal screen vertically, press Ctrl + b and %. And to split screen horizontally, press Ctrl + b and “. Tile Vertically option arranges selected programs side by side and divides the total screen area among them. Thus your screen is divided into two parts and you can see both your applications simultaneously.

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Unfortunately, these apps do not support screen splitting with every application you have on your phone. So you might have to search your tools on Google to open them on the iPhone. Once your app is downloaded, the rest is easy! Open the app and choose the applications you want to view on the top and bottom of your screen. If desired, you can adjust the sizing of the two windows to your view preference. This can be done by dragging the middle bar to the left or right.

Easily Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 11

This article goes through the three different options as well as the steps involved in uninstalling default apps from your Windows 10 PC. Once uninstalled, you will be given a return value of 0 and a “Method Execution Successful” in the form of a message. Congratulations, you have successfully uninstalled the application using the command prompt. MSI is a Windows Installer File Extension that is a Microsoft Windows software component used to install, maintain, and uninstall an application or program.

Updates to this link users running Windows 10 will be rolled out at the beginning of 2022. Xbox console features in Windows 11, including DirectStorage and Auto HDR. Microsoft will make Windows 11 generally available on Oct. 5. This is the latest version of the tech giant’s operating system. The Magnifier and the on-screen keyboard now have new modern icons using the Fluent design system. Windows 11 will once again allow TKIP and WEP connections, and it’ll continue to warn users to connect with more secure technologies like WPA2 .